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Who we are

We are a pan-African network of HRDs

Connect and support young human rights defenders in Africa and its diasporas

Who we are

The YADA Network is a pan-African youth network that was created in 2021 by the AHRN Foundation. The network was launched during a workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, which brought together human rights defenders from 13 African countries. The YADA Network aims to:

  • Connect young human rights defenders across Africa
  • Promoting the sharing of experiences between HRDs
  • Capacity-building for young human rights defenders on a range of issues

The objective of the YADA network is to connect and support young human rights defenders in Africa and its Diasporas for the improvement of the respect of human dignity in Africa.

We want an African continent where peace, democracy and respect for human rights prevail.

To bring together young human rights defenders from Africa and its diasporas to contribute to the safeguarding of human rights, solidarity, development, peace and democracy

  • We work to reduce human rights violations and conflicts in Africa
  • We are non-violent change makers. Whenever it is necessary to fight for social change, we encourage people not to use violence
  • We promote equal rights and transparency
  • We accept diversity and respect people differences
  • We are very much against fake news and misinformation

Constitution of the YADA

We commit ourselves to defend Human Rights individually and/or collectively, by joining together within YADA, in order to promote and fight for the protection and respect of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms in Africa.

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