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YADA Activities

YADA is an initiative of Africa Human Rights Defenders Foundation (AHRN) and is a network of young African activities and their organisations in Africa.

The main objective of YADA is to connect, protect, support and build the capacity of young African human rights defenders (living in or outside Africa). The YADA network speaks as a voice of African youth on relevant issues regarding human rights, democracy and good governance in Africa.

At national levels, YADA is a platform of young activists and their organisations in each country where it has been established.

  • YADA annual workshop: 60 young activists will be invited from 25 countries et leas to meet, share experiences from their respective countries and evaluate the previous YADA activities and reports. During this workshop, the YADA general meeting is held to make essential decisions including planning future activities and elect new coordination team and commissions as well as deciding where the next annual workshop would take place.

  • Digital tools and tactics :
    • 24/7 Digital security support : this includes emergency assistance for any HRDs who face digital threats.
    • Training of Trainers : for those who will support and provide training to CSOs and activists at national level.
    • Trainings on digital security, essential tools and tactics : how to protect online and offline data; safe use of internet; how do effective online campaigns and petitions, safe use of social media and website etc.
    • Online visibility : Local NGOs and activists are provided with free of charge website / brogue designing and hosting and get their social media pages promoted.

  • Access on information about human rights activities
    • YADA magazine : information and news on human rights issues as well as activities of NGOs and activists are regularly published on the YADA media page.
    • YADA (Online) TV and Radio : for young activists to learn more about fundamental human rights and get reliable information concerning human rights
    • Media assistance : taking videos and audio reporting on NGOs and activists events at national level.

  • Thematic groups meetings : Networking and experience sharing meetings organised for young defenders working on similar activities:
    • Civil rights and democracy
    • Gender equality
    • Children’s rights
    • Environmental rights and climate change

  • Promotion of Human Rights at Schools and universities
    • Teaching basic human rights and freedoms at secondary schools to help young student to understand their rights at their early ages,
    • Non-violence and violent extremism are discussed

  • YADA human rights breakfast : quarterly debates where Activists groups, NGOs, Governments’ representatives and university professors are invited to debate human rights key issues in a country.

  • Commemoration of key international human rights days : Youths celebrate key days including women days, children's day, human rights days, etc.

  • Other trainings for young activists
    • Training on non-violence and how to fight violent extremism
    • Trainings on drafting project proposals and management of human rights projects
    • Language trainings Swahili, English and French
ACTIVISTS - LAB Africa: Young defenders attend presentation on the YADA Network
February 18, 2022
ACTIVISTS - LAB Africa : Young activists work in groups
February 24, 2022
Workshop : Young african human rights defenders
April 19, 2020
Meeting of Human Rights Defenders for the firt YADA ANNUAL WORKSHOP
Mars 8, 2020
Relaxation moment after a training of Digital Security
April 18, 2016
Digital security training workshop
July 20, 2019
Meeting of Human Rights Defenders for the firt YADA ANNUAL WORKSHOP
Mars 8, 2020
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